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Since 2004, The Floortime Center has been dedicated to providing high quality services to families with children diagnosed with Autism and ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Retts, learning challenges, and behavior challenges. The Floortime Center, founded by Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker, is directly based off Floortime Therapy, a developmentally based therapeutic approach by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, and is the only official Floortime Center still directed by the Greenspan family. The Floortime Center offers direct services and assessments for children with special needs, parent training and support, and professional training, seminars, and certification.

Here you’ll find the official Floortime Center Blog written by Christine, with guest entries added by Floortime Center therapists Katie, Lindsay, Ellie, Rob, Danielle, and John as well as our directors Jake and Tim. We’re so excited to share with you more about Floortime Therapy and our days here at the Floortime Center.

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2 comments on “About The Floortime Center

  1. Thanks for this post! I come from a primarily ABA background, and this sounds a a lot like what we do with “incidential teaching” – follwing the child’s lead to create learning opportunities. It’s sometimes hard to create a learning opportunity without the child feeling like too many “demands” are being placed on him, so this sounds like a fun idea!
    Nicole Caldwell, M.Ed.Autism Newsletter and Printable Activities!

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